Sunday, December 11, 2016


Vann Fulfs (class of 2013)

Growing up as an only child left me with a yearning for others that could never truly be filled.  During my schooling I developed a curious and wandering mind that helped me engage with other students. Unfortunately, that curiosity didn’t reflect in my grades or hobbies.  With no real talent in any sports or clubs and less than stellar grades I was pretty directionless until I was urged to join the Ballard High School Digital Filmmaking Program. There I was pushed harder and my creativity finally found a constructive place to grow.

After an all too brief three years in the program I graduated equipped with the portfolio necessary to apply to film school, as well as a variety of awards and honors for my films.  Still neither I nor my family could find higher education financially viable.  To my relief, the work I had produced in the Digital Film Program at Ballard allowed me to win the J-Dogg Scholarship, making it possible for me to attend the college of my dreams in Chicago.

Ecstatic to attend an art school I had a jam packed freshman and sophomore year at Columbia College Chicago.  All my free time was spent working on large scale student projects with crew sizes ranging from 40120 students.  The free time my scholarship afforded me to score two great jobs as a screenwriting Teacher’s Assistant and as an Arts and Culture Critic for the Columbia Chronicle.  This very quickly led to my internship with Kurtis productions working on the 9th season of American Greed.  As a Production Assistant I interviewed witnesses, put together graphics and acted in episodes 100 & 109.  During the summer of 2015 I volunteered with the National Parks Service and partnered with Ravenswood Media.  Under the guidance of Academy Award nominee David McGowan, I assisted in the creation of a series of productions sent to congress to educate on environmental issues including climate change, avian botulism, and habitat recovery.

As I saw my passions leading me towards journalism and online content I focused my Junior year on documentary production and worked to become the president of Viva Doc, our school’s documentary club.  I continued to work in smaller teams and was hired by our schools advertising department making
commercials and online content.

Thanks to the good preparation I gained during my years in Ballard’s stellar Digital Filmmaking Program, I was able to complete my college degree program in only three years and graduate with High Honors.  After a short stint as a freelancer in Chicago I was hired on by the UW Huskies as a content producer.  Here I lead in the development, creation, and editing of entire advertising campaigns that reach thousands of Husky fans.  Now in my free time I freelance with my mentor Chris Baron (the cinematographer for the award winning “Food Inc.”) and take on smaller film projects in Seattle’s burgeoning filmmaker community.

I’d like to say I was inspired by amazing film directors who have created small masterpieces in worlds they entirely control.  In retrospect, however, I realize my true inspirations are people who have looked at the world around them.  Those who make stories with little to no budgets seeking to find the truth and connect with audiences. Above all I am inspired by my teachers who are truly young at heart, who look to see the very best in everyone and the reality in everything. I hope to continue in that tradition and pass on that passion one day.  Until then, I learn and impart what little I do know through my movies.  You can see my work and check out current projects on my website at .