Thursday, July 15, 2010


In honor of Ballard’s victory at NFFTY’s 48 Hour Film Off, NFFTY sponsor Vitaminwater is throwing a party for Ballard High School video production students and their friends at the Vitaminwater Social Club. The all-ages club is located at 1001 E. Pike Street at the corner of Pike and 10th on Capitol Hill. The party is slated for Friday, July 16.

It will begin at 9 pm with an hour of food and music, followed by an hour of short productions from Ballard High School filmmakers. There will then be music and dancing until midnight, and it’s all free!

In addition to the NFFTY award-winning short Charlie, the screening will include student Emmy winner The Crumb, student Emmy nominee Dead End, and national high school festival finalist Dino Utopia. Two short documentaries on Seattle artists will also be featured, as well as new works that have never been shown before.

All Ballard High School Video Production Program students, their friends and families are invited!