Wednesday, August 01, 2007

How to Enroll

The Video Production Program is part of the free public education at Ballard High School, and is open to BHS students of all grades. Students planning to pursue degrees or careers in film/television production, broadcast journalism, art, advertising, media studies, or public relations should enroll no later than their sophomore year to begin to build a portfolio that meets or enhances college and industry application requirements. These students are encouraged to apply for the two-semester, entry level Digital Filmmaking class available to freshmen and sophomores. For other students, Media Issues & TV Production is a one semester version of this class that requires no application. Both classes emphasize media literacy and film-style production. Students successfully completing either entry level class are eligible to apply for Advanced Video Production. This can be re-taken at more advanced levels as students build their portfolios. All of these classes are electives, fulfill either the Fine Art or the Occupational Education requirement, and result in a digital portfolio.