Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Northwest High School Film Festival Honors BHS Producers

May 2007

Students from the Ballard High School Video Production Program won 15 awards and honors at the 9th annual Northwest High School Film Festival on May 5. This is the largest and longest running festival for high school filmmakers in the Puget Sound region. Over 270 productions were entered in the competition from 22 schools. The festival was judged by a panel of 14 industry professionals and college media professors. The event was organized by the Media Educators’ for Excellence Team (MEET) and sponsored by Adobe.

This is the third time in the last four years that Ballard High School students walked away with more awards than students from any other school: 7 top prizes (Awards of Excellence) and 8 Honorable Mentions. Many of the awarded productions can be seen Friday, June 8 at The Showing, a screening of work by students in the BHS Video Production Program. The event begins at 7 p.m. in the BHS auditorium. There’s a suggested donation of $5.00.

Here’s a list of Ballard’s Northwest High School Film Festival winners:


Taylor Halbett, Steven Nansel, Tommy Nast

Lars Kaldestad, Doyle McCarthy, Marissa Neroutsos

“Crash Landing Pizza”
Justin Amorratanasuchad, Sami Kubo, Cedar Scarlett-Lyon

Dramatic Narrative
Coburn Erskine, Becca Rice, Devon Sizemore, George Westberg

“Nice Touch”
Alec Maclurg, Ben Steiner, Kevin Vitz-Wong

“Belize: The Potential of a Nation in Need”
Riley Heckel, Cedar Scarlett-Lyon

Music Video
“Hey, You!”
Michael Gore, Sami Kubo, Kyle Seago, Jordan Stead


“Don’t Waste Your Life at the Bus Stop”
Michael Gore, Mike Hipp, Evangeline Spracklin

Comedic Narrative
“Chasing Game”
Matt Hess, Graham Milgate, Jordan Stead

“A Good Knight’s Sleep”
Marina Bambans, Elizabeth McCallum, Marissa Neroutsos

Dramatic Narrative
Dylan Pharoah-Whitney, Kyle Seago, Jordan Stead

“Like Father, Like Son”
Justin Amorratanasuchad, Mike Hipp, Cedar Scarlett-Lyon

Music Video
“Frontier Psychiatrist”
Riley Heckel, Audra McCafferty, Ben Steiner

News Feature
“The Gymnast”
Audra McCafferty, Scott Miller

“Sean Daley: Male Cheerleader”
Hannah Kreimer, Lena Takamori, Paul Wilson