Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Ballard Filmmakers Win SIFF Audience Award

June 2006
Four filmmakers from the Ballard High School Video Production Program won the Audience Award at FutureWave, the Seattle International Film Festival’s forum for young filmmakers. Seventeen shorts from across the US and Canada, and as far away as Australia, were selected by the SIFF jury for screening in the FutureWave program. Their selections included two shorts by Ballard High School students. The shorts were screened last Saturday at the Egyptian Theater. Young filmmakers from across the country attended, as well as their teachers and SIFF regulars. Everyone present voted on the Audience Award. “The Drive Thru” was announced as the winner at SIFF’s closing ceremony, the Golden Space Needle Awards, on Sunday, June 18. A music video about the horrors of fast food, “The Drive Thru” was produced by Matt Lewis, Jesse Lomax, Stacey Rozich, and Ashley Russell.