Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Students from the Ballard High School Video Production Program won multiple awards and honors at the 14th annual Northwest High School Film Festival at the Cinerama Theater in downtown Seattle. This is the largest and longest running festival for high school filmmakers in the Puget Sound region. This year 354 productions were entered in the competition from 25 high schools. Ballard High School led the pack of winners with a total of 14 awards and honors.

The festival was judged by a panel of 23 industry professionals and college media professors. The event was organized by the Media Educators Excellence Team (MEET) and sponsored by Adobe, the Art Institute of Seattle, Shoreline Community College, Seattle University Film Studies, the Academy of Interactive Entertainment and Key Code Media. For more information on the NWHSFF, visit www.nwhsff.org.

BHS productions were honored in six different categories, reflecting the diverse skills and talents of Ballard’s film students. Some of the winning productions will be shown on Friday, June 1 at The Showing, a screening of work by students in the BHS Video Production Program. The event begins at 7 p.m. in the BHS auditorium. Tickets are $10 for adults and $8 for students and will be sold at the door.

Ballard’s Northwest High School Film Festival winners:


Comedic Narrative
The Number
Alex Guettler, Ana Krafchick, Helen Miller

Crash Landing Pizza
Ariahna Ghormley, Louis Weissman, Mackenzie Wright

News Feature
Your Teen Health Center
Zachary Green, Isaiah Hoban Halversen, Kimi Rutledge

Public Service Announcement
Ballard Food Bank
Brittney Blokker, Jacob Scott, Sam Weller

Paper or Plastic
Oona Lowe, David Moore, Adlai Nissen


Comedic Narrative
Kenton King, Adlai Nissen, Silvano Ross

Thanks for Nothing
Cedar Crook, Alex James, Brianna Kadem

Dramatic Narrative
The Craft
Walker Evans, Elise Neroutsos, Sam Weller, James Vitz-Wong

Dayan Flynn-Walsh, Oona Lowe, Mackenzie Wright

Making a Mark
Brittney Blokker, Helen Miller, Sam Weller

Isaiah Hoban Halversen, Kenji Takada-Dill

Music Video
We Are the Children
John Christensen, Darienne Noelle-Clark, Alex Scheller, Jacob Scott

Public Service Announcement
Extend School Lunch
Nick Coons-Levy, Gabe Fabens, Quinlin North, Lorenzo Rossi

Trash Talks
Julian Amrine, Nick Hauger, Josh Vredevoogd